WSTN took the opportunity to add its unique state and tribal-led voice to the public comment process for the Bureau of Land Management’s Colorado River Valley Field Office and Grand Junction Field Office Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, which proposed highly restrictive land uses including those affecting oil and natural gas drilling.

The thrust of our argument is threefold:

  1. The EIS is using drastically outdated information about wells in the area and must update it to form a more up-to-date plan.
  2. The proposed restrictions would weaken national and energy securit, as well as our ability to support allies in Asia and Europe at a time of global turmoil.
  3. Limiting Colorado oil and gas development would remove one of the cleanest molecules in the world from the market, hampering rural economic development and limiting the state’s ability to benefit from developing responsibly sourced gas that commands a premium.

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WSTN-BLM-ColoradoSupplementalEISComment-Final-October 31 2023